Spread the Awareness

We humbly request your support in spreading the message for a better tomorrow for our future generations.

Our building is also a green learning center open to students, social enthusiasts, industry experts, and the general public who want to learn and appraise themselves on the impacts and ways to go green by taking a building tour, which will be fixed based on a pre-determined schedule or upon request.

We want to spread the awareness because:

Sharing is caring and as of November 2017,

  • Only 30 percent of wild forest is left and still declining.
  • 43,323 Tera-joules of Energy is utilized from Mining in 2017 and trend is on the rise.
  • 52 years and counting down to recover the ozone layer.
  • 357+ Crore Tons of Freshwater used till now and rising.

Let’s care by sharing the importance of conservation and be the flag-bearers of the much needed change to save the planet.

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