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UPS Power Saving

Intermittent yet innovative operation of UPS results in high energy savings and reinforces efficiency.


With Intelligent controls and sensors, experience a whole new era of environment-friendly lighting.

Fire Alarm System

Not Just Fire, Even Excess heat is detected and acted upon by the system ensuring 100% safety.

Smart Fault Management

Imagining faults to be resolved even before realization is no more an imagination at eFACiLiTY®.

Smart Facility Booking

Booking Facilities with eFACiLiTY® even with a smart-phone makes it a smarter application.

Energy Dashboard

Displaying daily Energy Savings makes our Employees Energy Conscious and gain conscientiousness.

eFACiLiTY Integrations

Multiple-Feature Integration and International Protocol adherence was a challenge “well accomplished”.

PA System Integration

With diverse Features integrated under PA system, Optimum resource utilization is assured.

DG Set Automation

Delaying DG set and demanding its operation when needed most adds to innovative eco-friendliness.

Solar Panel Cooling

Simple Cost-effective ideas can add on to increased operational efficiency and component longevity.

Building Automation System

Building Intelligence and Smart Automation is assured with the Building Automation System.

Canteen Management System

eFACiLiTY® building with its Canteen Management System is a pro-active player against food-wastage.

Public Address System

Our Multi-purpose Public Address System is strategically placed to keep our workforce stay current.

Facility Booking System

Automating operations with Facility booking adds to the ease, energy-efficiency and self-reliance.

Access Control System

Our Access Control System prevents unauthorized access and also maintains employee attendance.

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