Entryway Systems

Towards the lift lobby there are metallic mats installed. The metallic mats or entry-way systems reduce the amount of dust, dirt, pollen and other particles getting inside the building via our footwear since the metallic mats scrape the dust particles from our footwear. Considering that Indian conditions are dustier compared to international standards, more metallic mats are installed at every floor of the buildings.

There are also multiple signage displayed reminding that the building is a No Smoking Zone, Less Plastic Zone and  encourages  stairways usage  which helps to improve occupants’ health and save energy.

Taking the cue from the signage prompting people to use the stairs, People will be greeted by sensor controlled lighting getting turned-on as they approach and turned-off as they go past certain areas. These lights are also calibrated to switch-on only when the ambient light levels are below configured levels making it highly energy efficient.

People will be  pleasantly surprised to hear an audio message welcoming them  via the Public Address System and people are  registered as  VIP visitors and this is an automatic welcome message delivered by the eFACiLiTY® – Visitor Management System to the PA system based on my sign-in.


The motorized gate automatically opens as the car approaches the building. The eFACiLiTY® Smart Building App sitting on the phones of the employees who are car users, detects them approaching the office via GPS and WiFi detection techniques and opens the gates. There is also a card reader outside the gate and this is for the pedestrians and 2-wheeler users and there is also a calling bell with a signage for visitors to call the security. The energy savings intent is immediately felt as for the pedestrians and 2-wheelers the gate opens for roughly a meter wide and auto-closes once they get in. The gate remains open during peak hours to save energy and to increase the security it is kept closed at all other times. During a fire alarm situation, the gates are opened automatically.