“To be always a high-performing and healthy green building leading to a sustainable future”


The purpose of Green building is to spread global awareness and to let you know, how Green building can contribute to a greener and a safer planet.

eFACiLiTY® building is the software development center of SIERRA ODC and has been recognized as the world’s second greenest and India’s highest ranked green building. It is not just a green building but also a smart building with automation assisting energy conservation. It is fascinatingly a future-ready organization.

We are not just recognized for being the world’s second greenest company but also for our  expertise in building enterprise  level products  on various areas including  Facilities Management, Intelligent Building Management, Enterprise Resource Planning and more. Being a Technology Transformation leader, we convert ideas into innovative solutions.

eFACiLiTY ® is our flagship solution to address the business needs of any sized organization in an effective manner. Simple user interface and ease of access with increased security features and enhancements makes it an all-powerful tool that can help your business sky-rocket. Also with customizable features,   e-facility® helps you to obtain the maximum out of our business and most importantly optimizes your organizational resources.