Metering and Verification

Smartest building in India
Smartest building in India

Measurement is the first step that can help to control and eventually improve savings. The eFACiLiTY® Building measures a whole lot of things covering the below:

  • Supplied Power: Utility Power, Solar Power and DG Power produced
    • Helps in keeping a check on the utility power being consumed on a daily basis/live and take corrective actions in case the usage is high. The solar power generated when it goes lower to trigger cleaning or to identify fault.
  • Consumed Power: Pumping & Treatment, HVAC – Outdoor, HVAC – Indoor, UPS-IT Systems, Lighting, Lift, Kitchen, Fire Pump, Critical Equipment
    • Helps in analysing equipment type wise power usage, faulty devices and identify ways to improve energy savings
  • Water: Filtered Domestic Water, Recycled Flushing Water, Rain Water Harvested
    • Helps to control water usage and to alert to check for any leakages in case of abnormal readings.
  • Indoor Environmental Quality: Indoor Temperature, Co2 Levels, VOC Levels, PM 2.5, Humidity
    • Live data and historical data to monitor and do corrective actions like identifying faulty thermostats, replacing air filters, change operating settings etc.
  • Outdoor Parameters: Outdoor Temperature, Co2 Levels, LUX level, Solar Irradiation, Light levels

Provides more data to do historical comparisons and identify root cause issues.