Daylight & Natural Views

Natural daylight improves the occupants’ health, both mind and body. It also saves a lot of energy used for artificial lighting. View of nature has a big positive impact on our minds.

The building is well designed keeping this in mind and the result is about 86% of the regularly occupied space gets adequate daylight and 97% of the occupants have nature views.

The building is oriented towards North & South with plenty of windows that provides natural daylight and views and Skylights from the roof provides daylight for the central part of the building. The windows use high-performance glass that provide maximum daylight while controlling the head gain. Advanced Somfy® Sun-tracking or Shadow Management system is installed which opens and closes the blinds automatically based on the Sun’s position and outside light conditions which maximises daylight entry while controlling glare and heat gain. It also minimizes light trespass during night time limiting light pollution.