Motorized Shutter

Towards the lift lobby, people find the main entryway into the building which has a motorized shutter installed and also see a card-reader next to it indicating that this is also access controlled. The shutter is also integrated with a theft-alarm system and a perimeter detection system that ensures high level of security to the facility.

To maximize energy conservation, when the main shutter is closed, devices that may not be used when the building is empty and the equipment that may have been forgotten to be turned-off will be powered-off automatically. At the end of the day after everyone leaves the building, the security presses a button to close the shutter. This informs the Building Automation System that the building is no more occupied and so the BMS switches off any lighting that is on, any air-conditioner that is still running in the work areas & rooms, triggers the non-critical UPS to power saving mode, the non-critical CCTV cameras and all IP-phones are powered-off. SIERRA has built a Platform to control Power-Over-Ethernet or POE devices and the same is used for switching off the POE cameras and other POE devices. This platform is used to automatically power off the IP Phones and non-critical CCTV cameras when the building is empty. The host tells you  that more and more devices like lighting, sensors etc. are going to be POE enabled and these devices cannot be controlled or monitored by the present BMS systems and for this purpose SIERRA’s has built a POE Control Platform.

The shutter when opened next time will reset the relevant devices to their normal statuses.