Cafeteria Management System

Cafeteria Management SystemThe eFACiLiTY® Cafeteria Management System is put to use to control wastage and automation. The occupants who are daily consumers of the canteen meals have a provision to book their meals for the whole month. With the time & attendance integration, the exact meal count for every meal is displayed automatically in the touch panel installed in the kitchen. Ad-hoc orders from meeting rooms and other managers are also displayed in the kitchen. The menu is published by the chef in advance using the software. The system suggests the quantities of ingredients to be used from the inventory allowing variations as required by the Chef. This helps in avoiding wrong calculations leading to mistakes resulting in wastage or shortage of food.Cafeteria

Before and during meal time, the touch panel displays the meal type-wise committed count, and expected count which is calculated based on the time & attendance and access control data, consumed count, and the balanced count. This helps the kitchen staff to make the required variations based on the balance of food.

The card reader installed in the kitchen is used for recording the meal intake of the occupants and guests sharing data to the payroll for automatic deduction of costs and department-wise billing.

The facility booking system and visitor management integration help in streamlining the process of food ordering and helps in waste reduction.

The cafeteria management module has an inventory management module inbuilt to manage the kitchen inventory, automate the purchase order process, and keep track of the costs incurred.

Coming to the health aspects, the calorific values and nutritional value of each meal are displayed for occupants to be aware and monthly reports are displaying the eating trend, etc. The eFACiLiTY® Cafeteria Management module also provides the data to reduce the need for manual diet tracking.

There is also a feedback screen using which end-user feedback can be captured and helpdesk calls are automatically generated for the concerned people to act immediately.


SIERRA provides hygienic and healthy traditional South Indian food for its staff and guests. Get a glimpse of how SIERRA’s Kitchen offers the best dining experience while also ensuring the health and well-being of its consumers.Cafeteria

SIERRA encourages the consumption of whole, natural foods and the consumption of drinking water. The Kitchen uses steam cooking with a combination oven that retains the vitamins, minerals, and nutrients of the food. The food served at the cafeteria has a minimum of 4 fresh fruits and a vegetable salad with at least 4 fresh vegetables and 2 cooked dishes containing vegetables/greens. The plate, bowls, and cups provided also meet the WELL standards that help to avoid food wastage.

The use of artificial flavours, food colours, and preservatives is 100% banned and it is indicated in nearby menus and signage. Also, a list of primary ingredients (per meal), nutrient information, total protein, carbohydrates, etc., and common food allergens are labeled and displayed at point-of-decision on menus and signage at the cafeteria.

Health education materials are made available to all building occupants through the eFACiLiTY® mobile app & magazines such as Stay Fit, B-positive, Health & Nutrition, Ananda Yoga, and Isha Forest Flower. The app also promotes healthy eating by prominently displaying healthy food options/personal warnings.