Water Purification

Past the gate, on the left side there are two water purification systems sitting on-top of the huge sumps that filters the rain water and the raw water. These systems are fully automated as well with the ability to raise maintenance alerts in case of any failures of the pump, control systems etc. eFACiLiTY® Asset Management software generates a work order to the maintenance contractor – in case of any such faults and till the time the problem is rectified, the Service Level Management (SLA) function keeps track of the issue and does multi-level escalations in case of delays in attending to these jobs.

eFACiLiTY® also has the capability to detect faults like foot valve failures, leaks in the system by means of continuously monitoring the duration of pumping, water usage etc. and generates alerts to maintenance staff for any abnormal operation preventing wastage of electricity and water.

The purifications systems use UV-filtering instead of chlorine dosing to disinfect the water as well ensuring a fully automated operation of these systems with absolutely no manual intervention.